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Building Construction, Design-Build, Marine Construction and Civil Engineering Services

OTAK Group, Inc. uses technical expertise and management skills to deliver superlative projects for our clients. OTAK Group, Inc. initiates each project as a part of your team. As we carryout our duties to you we ensure, through communication and scheduling that all work is completed in a precise, high-quality and time-efficient manner. We provide a broad range of services to our clients, including:

Professional Design and Build Services
Design, Project Management, Emergency Response and Recovery. Our Design Build team takes our clients from the initial concept of a project to the completed building and everything in between. Our high standards and commitment to excellence during every step of the construction process ensures a successful outcome for our clients. » Click for More

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Marine Construction Services
Turn-key Marine Construction, Bridge Construction.OTAK Group, Inc. is a full-service marine construction company that has extensive experience with Marine Construction. OTAK Group, Inc. has the experience to face specific challenges such as shallow water, deeper water, shifting sands, warmer water, living organisms, specialized laws and many other factors. » Click for More

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Civil Construction Services
Asphalt Paving, Natural Resource and Environmental, Utilities, Site work. OTAK Group, Inc.'s civil construction services encompass everything construction related including building infrastructure systems to travel, to drink clean water, have sanitary facilities, be protected from storm water, enjoy lakes, city revitalizations, and greenways. » Click for More

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Building Construction
Building Construction, Building Renovations, Building and Construction. OTAK Group, Inc. has unparalleled knowledge and experience within the building construction industry. We put our building construction services and experience into action and give our clients the highest possible level of service. » Click for More

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Historical Renovations
Historical Renovations and Building Preservation. OTAK's goal in executing historic renovation projects, is to maintain the building's historic aesthetic flair while dealing with real-time issues presented by the aging building. » Click for More

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OTAK Group, Inc.'s approach to each job is systematically laid out. The methods include conducting a design review, establishing an estimate, implementing a cost control program; we will develop a schedule, and implement and maintain a quality control program throughout the entire project.

Option Analysis
Option analysis affords the Customer an opportunity to find cost savings without sacrificing quality. OTAK Group, Inc. will use its understanding of first time cost savings, long term maintenance, life cycle costs and project schedule impact to provide the best project for the available budget dollars. OTAK Group, Inc. continues to assist school districts, municipal, governmental agencies, and private owners and their design teams in analyzing all of the above factors in this phase of the project. OTAK Group, Inc. performs the Option Analysis and reviews the results with the Customer to ensure that the chosen systems are consistent with the objectives of the project.

Design Review and Constructability Analysis
OTAK Group, Inc. will work with our Customer to incorporate into the design documents the options that have been approved during the Option Analysis process. Also at the onset of the project, OTAK Group, Inc. will analyze the systems for the project, and consider factors such as the sequencing of construction activities, availability of materials and labor, and equipment access for maintenance and replacement. Recommendations will be made for design details and the equipment systems are tracked to make sure they are properly designed, procured, delivered and installed. Recommendations are made throughout construction to maintain cost/schedule/quality controls.

Budget Estimating
OTAK Group, Inc. has estimated a multitude of projects. This experience, combined with cost history reports of projects, allows us to develop responsive estimates. An initial estimate of the cost of construction is developed, taking into consideration the Customer's project goals, i.e., performance, quality, and time constraints, in order to substantiate the Customer's budget.

Value Engineering
OTAK Group continually provides alternate schemes for improving costs, constructability and serviceability by analyzing different systems and identifying alternatives throughout the life of the Project. While reducing the cost is always a goal, the lowest cost system is not always the best value. Practicality and long-term value is always a factor while satisfying aesthetic, form and function requirements..

Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Our staff regularly performs life cycle cost studies on various elements of a design. The following are costs taken into consideration when performing a Life Cycle Cost Analysis:

  • Capital Investment (First Costs) These include initial costs associated with an item to be analyzed such as: direct construction costs, architect and engineering fees, contractors fees, legal fees, other consultants fees and land acquisition expenses.
  • Financing Costs These are considered; they may vary from one item to another.
  • Operational Costs The costs associated with the operation of the item or system i.e. fuel, operating personnel, taxes and insurance.
  • Maintenance Costs These costs are for the overall analysis.
  • Replacement Costs These costs are significant while comparing alternative items and the life span of an item.

Other costs which might require consideration are: salvage value, lost revenue and added occupancy costs.

Construction Scheduling
Schedules are prepared to meet the needs of the Customer. Each project can be broken down into divisional details as desired by the Customer, regardless of the size of the project.

Contractor Quality Control (Design & Construction)
The program assures that structures, components, systems, and facilities are fabricated, constructed, installed, inspected, tested and documented in compliance with the contractually established project scope and requirements of the technical documents, codes, standards, and approved project procedures. The goal of this program is foremost to prevent nonconforming work. In the alternative, the program promotes the early detection and correction of deficiencies. This program is implemented on every project.

OTAK Group's construction experience and ability to self perform most tasks ensures quality work. The Customer will have access to project records and equipment for performance of audits and inspection of work performed, materials and documents.

The project Quality Control organization is divided into the following quality control functions and basic responsibilities:

  • Construction Documents - The Quality Control Team assures that only the latest ‘released for-construction' drawings and specification are issued for inspection and we ensure testing activities are distributed and controlled in accordance with an approved project operating procedure.
  • Project Close Out and Follow Up - Our Quality Control Program continues from initial project schedule through job closeout.