Building Construction Services Project Archive

Project Name: Repair Hurricane Katrina Damage to Horn Island Triplex and Utilities

Contractor: OTAK Group, Inc.
Client:National Park Service - Denver Service Center
Construction Cost:$1,589,506

Project Description: OTAK Group was contracted to reconstruct the following buildings and utilities on Horn Island, part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore located 12 miles off the coast of Mississippi, as well as provide all appliances:

1. Ranger Residence (two 1 bedroom units) 1,030 sq-ft total.
2. Bunk House (Transient Housing) SIS sq-ft.
[The two Ranger Residences and Bunk House were within the same structure (Triplex)]. Mechanical room for HVAC and hot water heater and a Common Area for washer and dryer were included in the triplex building.
3. Generator building, Approximately 200 sq-ft.
4. Equipment storage building (shed), Approximately 200 sq-ft.
5. Perimeter fencing around all facilities

1. Potable Water System, capable of providing Fire Protection (Sprinkler System) to Ranger Residence (2 units) and Bunk House.
2. Sewage Collection and Disposal System meeting State and PHS requirements.
3. Electrical System capable of serving all Horn Island facilities with Solar Supplement (photovoltaic system).
4. Fuel System including rehabilitation of fuel storage tank and transport lines from the dock area to the storage tank with appropriate connection ns and testing ports.