Building Construction Services Project Archive

Project Name: Renovate Building 1585 & 425

Contractor: OTAK Group, Inc.
Construction Cost: $2,927,055

Project Description: This project consisted of Design / Build Renovations to the NAVY GATEWAY INNS & SUITES (NGI&S), a three story 114 room transient housing facility located onboard Naval Station Mayport, FL. Due to the location, nature of work and scope involved; project was managed, demoed and constructed sequentially to allow customer to receive partial acceptance and completion to permit facility utilization in support of mission essential transient berthing requirements greatly enhancing quality of life, operational capabilities, and increasing security integrity.

Work entailed Design/Build renovations to guest rooms, lounges, common use restrooms, corridors and alcoves, janitor closets, housekeeping rooms and storage closets, employee lounge, office spaces, admin spaces, conference and guest lounges, laundry rooms, and hallways and corridors. The extent of activities associated with this renovation are cabinetmaking and millwork, door and jamb installation, fire suppression, interior paints and finishes, floor coverings and acoustical ceilings, provide all supply plumbing piping from the newly supplied valve outside of each guest room on the first and second floors to each plumbing device in each guest room. Sinks, lavatories, shower heads and toilets shall be replaced with CPVC and sized to match existing. All newly installed hot water piping shall be insulated. Fur out or provide a chase where required and abandon in place the existing copper lines currently being used for this purpose. The chase walls shall be constructed of metal studs with moisture resistant sheet rock, prep prime and painted to match existing surrounding or adjacent walls. Provide isolaion valves to each room.