Civil Construction Services Project Archive

Project Name: Remove Rubber and Restripe Airfield

Contractor: OTAK Group, Inc.
Client: NAVFAC SE, PWD Mayport
Construction Cost: $600,667.25

Project Description: This project is intended to remove rubber build up on the runway centerline, remove threshold stripes, remove built up layers of pavement markings on the "Wing Ramp"(Lamps Apron) the "HSL 60" parking are on the "Air Ops" Apron and re-stripe the Airfield markings with retro reflective paint, in white, yellow and non reflective black. There is approximately 209,000 square feet of surface area that requires new paint markings white, and yellow retro reflective and non reflective black. There is 18,000 square feet of threshold markings and another 21,000 square feet on airfield concrete surface markings that may need to be removed. Work includes, but is not limited to the removal of rubber from centerline and touchdown markings via high pressure water and surface sanding for a total of approximately 15,000 square feet. Rubber removal is required from both Portland cement and asphaltic concrete pavements on the runway. Contaminated liquids are pumped into a FRAC tank where they remain until tested to determine if any hazards are present in the waste water. All hazardous solids are collected in a separate dumpster before being sent for testing.