Historical Renovation Services Project Archive

Project Name: Preservation of Exterior Stucco Walls, Paint and Lime wash Finishes at Fort Christiansvaern

Contractor: OTAK Group, Inc.
Client: National Park Service - Southeast Regional Office
Construction Cost: $1,392,520

Project Description: This project includes repairing all Hurricane Omar damage to the exterior stucco and masonry surfaces of Fort Christiansvaern as well as painting all lime wash finishes. Also included is the inspection and replacement as needed all anchors, ties, flashing, bolts, shutter and door pintels/hinges, and any other built-in hardware and related items. This project also includes the painting of the gutters and downspouts, beams, and ceilings. The work includes 30,000 square feet of stucco repair and 67,000 square feet of painting and lime wash, measurements to be verified by the contractor.