Building Construction Services Project Archive

Project Name: Fort Myers Chiller Replacement

Contractor: OTAK Group, Inc.
Construction Cost: $743,888

Project Description: Provide design and management staff and materials as defined, and design and construction documents (Drawings and specifications manual and cost estimates) for the needed cooling towers, pony chiller, rainwater & condensate collection system, controls and associated piping and equipment at the Fort Myers Federal Building and courthouse. This project also includes providing and installing a chiller for low load use and tie-in to the existing chilled water and condenser water systems. Designed and installed two 100% stainless steel 250 ton single cell forced draft cooling towers. Removed existing cooling towers and condenser piping. Cooling towers were adaptable to all existing mechanical, electrical ,and plumbing systems. Designed and installed 150 to 160 ton “Pony Chiller" to existing chiller plant. Designed the “best" and “most" economical way to obtain the required power to chiller. All work complied with P100, all applicable NFPA codes and NEC codes. Re-sequencing control works designed to enhance energy conservation. Designed and installed rainwater harvesting and condensate retrieval system.