Civil Construction Services Project Archive

Project Name: Dames Point Container Terminal Phase I

Contractor: OTAK Group, Inc.
Client: Jacksonville Port Authority
Construction Cost: $1,090,961

Project Description: OTAK Group, Inc. was awarded subcontract for an intricate portion of construction for a major container port expansion project with the Jacksonville Port Authority involving a new 128 acre waterfront container terminal port facility in Jacksonville, FL.

OTAK's scope of work was to install approximately 3.5 linear miles of prefabricated concrete trench drain, divided out into five (5) segments over the surface area of 128 acres to alleviate surface area flooding, and direct positive sheet flow of storm water control. The principal task items were regular and trench excavation, installation of complete drainage systems (storm drain, pipe and precast trench drain structures), pipe bedding and embankment backfill, concrete aprons, catch basin inverts, and Cast-In-Place structure tops, tie-ins from concrete trench drains to concrete inlet boxes and providing installing & maintaining all Maintenance-of- Traffic (MOT) devices in accordance with project plans, to permit continuation of sub grade installation, asphalt tack coat, and Hot Asphalt Pavement surface and roadways during construction. This was the largest trench drain project completed in the US, totaling 18,700LF of trench drain installation.